Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bees Game, Anniversary, Broken Camera:(

We went to the Bees game with some of Wes' family and it was so much fun. We sat in the outfield so that Wes could catch a homerun ball....which didn't happen....but maybe next time:) We ate a whole bunch of treats including pink and blue cotton candy, and red and blue slushies! YUMMY. My favorite part of the game was during the seventh inning stretch when we got to sing "Take me out to the ball game". Thanks Cheryl and Greg for taking us to the game!

Hailey, Adelyn, Eleanore and Colton

Also...Wes and I made it a year! Wow that went super fast:) For our anniversary we decided to go out to sushi, wes picked me up after he got off work and we sped to AHHH Sushi downtown for their happy hour sushi. Apparently it ends at 6:00 Pm and we literally got there at 6:01 and the ridiculous host dude wouldn't let us hurry and sit down(jerk!). So naturally we decided to take our business elsewhere and when we went outside to take a picture showing the restaurant our special little finger...our camera would not turn on and is in fact broken! I did what any normal girl would do at a time like this and started bawling in the middle of downtown. I felt bad for Wes because it must have been pretty embarassing, but he was a tropper and gave me a hug and took me to I Love Sushi, which made me very happy, and reminded me like every other day of my life how grateful I am that Wes asked me to be his one and only:) Love you Wes and I can't wait for another year together!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Transplant Games 2010

Wes and I packed up and headed to Madison Wisconsin to the US Transplant Olympics. It was such a cool experience and I'll admit it I bawled just about everyday we were there:) We were able to meet such great people who have gone through so much. Wes was able to catch up with some old friends and meet new ones while competing. Wes took the gold in table tennis, the silver in tennis, bronze in 3 on 3 basketball, and their volleyball team took 4th overall. I'm so grateful to have Wes in my life and a huge part of the reason I was able to find him was because of his heart transplant. I love you and am so excited to be yours forever!!!
Downtown Madison where the venues were

The donate dot mascot, remember to donate!!Team dinner
Chris Klugg olympic medalist and kidney recipient

Team Utah Idaho

BBall practice

The athletes during the opening ceremonies

Wes' gold medal

The donor family representing Utah, Eric, Deanna, Jason, and Gibson

Mike and Wes

BBall team

Volleyball team

Downtown was so fun, we were able to find a wing place for Wes after all his hard work throughout the week

I can't wait for the next transplant games:) It is amazing to see how many people are able to recieve second chances because of such a selfless act. What extraordinary lives are led with the help of transplants, I am so grateful to have been a part of such an amazing week and hope that when presented with a chance, donation will come to mind to help give others a chance to live.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family and the 4th

Well I left Wes in Montana to help my mom at cheer camp, and it just so happened to be the same weekend as the 4th:)! I know...I'm a terrible wife, but it was too tempting to go and see the whole fam! I started my vaca off seeing good ole eclipse with all the girl aunts and cousins on my moms side. It was hillarious because we went day #2 and everyone was so crazy in the theater.

The next day I got to go to Lagoon with my BFF sadie:) We got to go to Laguna Beach and visit my favorite part of Lagoon.... the LAZY RIVER!!! It literally is "what fun is"!

Kam and Colby

Mom and Kerry

I got to spend a whole night with my girl KRISTA, we had a slumber party and it was so fun. We say Grown Ups, shopped at Gateway, ate at Rumbi, and had some serious girl talk! Boy oh boy do i miss this girl, but i will see her soon enough.... come on August 12th.

Our family had it's 2nd annual Rockport Camping Trip at Rockport Lake....obviously:) We were able to tube the river, go cliff jumping, and thanks to the Reynolds and Roundy's go wakeboarding and tubing on the lake. We missed our brother andrew alot and will hopefully see his return for the 3rd trip next summer.

Ice cream sandwich's after the tubing extravaganza!

Kameron is a pro!


What a great weekend! I'm so grateful to my fam especially Killer Kim and Killer Kurt for being such good hosts to there little girl. Hopefully Wes won't be to mad when I get back, and maybe if he's a good boy he'll be able to come next year!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visitors and the big 24!

We were excited to have visitors this past week in Great Falls! Greg and Cheryl were able to come up to Montana for Wes' bday bash. We enjoyed being able to show them around to our favorite spots as well as find some new fun places to visit. It was perfect timing because we had to move to Helena and they packed up half of our beongings for the trek southward. We were able to spend the whole day with them on the 29th for our extravaganza celebration of Wes turning 24 and ran a muck. We had donuts with the office, had a picnic at a beautiful lake(wink, wink), went shopping for a bday outfit, Wes played tennis with Greg, and we went out to dinner with the crew to Makenzie River Pizza. What a great day I get exhausted just thinking about all the fun we had! Thanks Mom and Dad for making it such a memorable day for good ole WES!

Wes found a water snake, and actually picked it up! EWWWW!

We found a turtle in the middle of the road and I picked it up! Ewwwwwwww!

Wes got a new tennis racket for his bday, it was totally awesome!

The bros doing what they do best........chowing down!

Did I say lake earlier? I meant pond/swimming hole that is called a State Park.

Birthday eclairs.

Sadie puts it best....we were all tired by the end of the celebrations! Thanks Wes for sharing your birthday with us, I love you so, so much and am grateful for you in my life.